Jem's Endless Memories: Blog en-us (C) Jem's Endless Memories (Jem's Endless Memories) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:28:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:28:00 GMT Jem's Endless Memories: Blog 80 120 Tony and Sarah - The Cowshed  My mom always told me “We meet people for a reason, either they're a blessing or a lesson.”Ive said this before and I’ll say it again.  Sarah and Tony are blessings and anyone lucky enough to meet them will agree! In October last year I was recommended by a friend to Sarah and Tony to photograph their wedding.  Now I’m sometimes hesitant about accepting last minute bookings as I don’t have chance to get to know the couple and I worry about not having that connection that is built up over a period of time. This was never going to be the case with Sarah, we arranged to meet in Costa one evening with her wedding coordination AKA her daughter Kate and her beautiful granddaughter Harper. The minute we hugged and introduced ourselves I knew this was the start of something special. We sat and chatted about the wedding, what they had planned all with Harper sat on my lap, I’d definitely made a friend there.

The day of the wedding I was so excited. The venue was The Cowshed at Woodall Farm in Codsall. The 18thcentury cowshed is a blank canvas, which is perfect for any couple to stamp their personality on. This was the reason they fell in love with it the minute they walked through the door and I could totally understand why. They had the chance to make this venue their own!

The morning started off at The Mount Hotel in Wolverhampton where the atmosphere was perfect. Music playing and Harper keeping me entertained whilst Tara made all the girls hair perfect. The attention to detail is clear to see in the photos.

Sarah’s dress was a beautiful gift from her sister in law Adele who previously owned Adele Louise Bridal in Wolverhampton. This was also where one of the bridesmaids dresses was from along with Shropshire Brides and Monsoon.  And lets take a moment to appreciate Sarahs amazing Kurt Geiger heels!

Once I arrived at the venue I was greeted by the groomsmen who were all suited and booted in blue suits with tweed waistcoats from Peter Posh. The suits matched perfectly with the flowers for the day that were supplied by “Jackie by design”. A charm was included on Sarah’s bouquet of her late father. A beautiful way to have loved ones who are no longer with us close to us on the most special of days. 

The venue was lit perfectly with hundreds of fairy lights and as the bridal party made their entrance I found myself straddling a cart filled with hay bales! Well there is a first time for everything!

The ceremony was perfect, filled with love and friends and family from far and wide to celebrate the day. I was made to feel like one of the family all day, laughing and joking with them as if i'd known them all years!

What followed was quite possibly THE BEST wedding meal I have ever had. The wedding cake was something else, made by the extremely talented  Sam Standord it was a work of art! There was also pork pies involved during the evening but I missed out on this. A regret I have till this very day!

The perfect surprise during the day was when during the speeches Tony’s daughter and Sarah’s brother performed an acoustic version of Adele’s “Make you feel my love” Not a dry eye in the house. It was a perfect performance filled with so much love. 

Sarah and Tony met through Sarah’s charity work for Motor Neurone Disease which is the illness her late husband had. Tony contacted Sarah as he was doing his first Solent swim and they became friends through that, and the rest as they say is history. Their first dance was to “We’ve only just begun” by The Carpenters. Which they picked as if just felt right for their new beginning. 

So all I am left wondering is if Tony has finally taken Sarah out on their first date, as im pretty sure a trip to Brighton was promised. No pressure Tony!

Sarahs tip to couples due to get married is “laugh every day, even on the tough days because laughter is such a wonderful medicine. And Love love love”

I know these two have a lifetime of love and happiness ahead of them together. And I will always be grateful I got to meet them and capture their special day.

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Mr & Mrs Howells Tern Hill Hall Back in April I had the pleasure of photographing Nathan and Danii’s wedding. I say pleasure; they didn’t really have much say in the matter! Seen as my better half and second shooter had won the title of best man for the day the thought of riding solo without my camera was too much to bear! 

The Story of Nathan and Danii goes back to 2014 when they met each other at work. Now as a wedding photographer you normally get involved with the couple once the engagement has happened. Not in this case! So fast forward to February 2017 when myself and two others who went on to be the best men for the big day were embroiled in a web of lies to throw Danii off the scent of the most perfect proposal Nathan had planned. Needless to say the plan was executed perfectly and the wedding planning began. Hurrah!

Now we jump back to April 2019. The weather was perfect, the day before Good Friday so everyone was in a good spirits about the long weekend ahead. Perfect day for a wedding.

The wedding was at Tern Hill Hall in Market Drayton, a venue I have shot at before and was glad to be back at. The choice of décor was outstanding! Perfectly Unique had dressed the venue. The cherry blossoms against the picturesque backdrop made it look like something out of a fairytale! 

As with all wedding days I spend a lot of time with the bride as they get ready for the special day ahead. Up in the bridal suite music was playing and gin was flowing. A lovely calm atmosphere where everyone was just enjoying the morning. The bride and bridesmaids were made wedding ready by the incredibly talented Sophie Bruno. 

The flowers were supplied by Di Shackton, and were made complete with the personal touch of a charm in Danii’s bouquet that contained a picture of her late mother and grandmother. This was a lovely way to remember special people who were no longer with us.

Danii looked every inch the supermodel as she walked down the isle in her Viva Bride Charlize fishtail wedding dress. Finished off perfectly with her gorgeous veil and her killer Kurt Geiger heels!

As she walked down the isle following her bridesmaids, who were all dressed in grey full length dresses which complimented the theme perfectly; she came face to face with her husband to be who was dressed in a suit from Dapper Dan.  The wedding party certainly all scrubbed up well!

The ceremony was filled with love and emotion, friends and family from far and near all there to celebrate the special day.

Now the cake was something else! Created by Crumbs Cakery (Alex Dowse’s Cakes) Neapolitan cake surrounded by beautifully made meringue kisses. 

The perfect day was sealed by a first dance to Callum Scott and Leona Lewis’ ‘You’re the reason’ and sending off into the sunset with a shower of sparklers. Planned to perfection it was a day to remember.

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